Architect Design: 3/24/13

A view of the side yard, with its specimen trees. As imposing as the main house was, the most impressive feature of the Dunn estate was the generous 10-acre park-like yard, filled with magnificent specimens of often unusual trees. Stonebridge will, in fact, eventually have a stone bridge that will lead residents and guests over a pond in its main park area, reminiscent of the mounded stone bridges on older golf courses. The pressed stone was also used for the foundations of the added wings. Taj Mahal:- The Taj Mahal is a white-colored Stone mausoleum located in Agra in Uttar Pradesh north condition of Indian. The upper stair landing, showing the Colonial Revival staircase, an odd window in the stair wall, and a large, handsome skylight that must have been quite impressive when the house was in good condition. The littered upper hall. OAK HALL AND STAIRCASE, RESIDENCE OF CHARLES S, PILLSBURY, ESQ. A special part of the house was how each of the rooms was designed to feature a view of the spacious green yard with its large trees.

Here is the walk-in linen closet, needed for all those guest rooms. A walk-in refrigerator or freezer. A better view of the Greek Revival details. A black and white photo, but giving a better idea of the view into the front yard from the porch. This end of the wide porch is better preserved. Note the contrast with the newer varnished porch ceiling. Note the sashes full of round bull’s-eye panes. Note the flashlight needed so the camera could focus in this dark room. The bay area of the living room. The walls of the living room were entirely covered with tapestry. The Arts-and-Crafts living room, the best-preserved room in the house. The working shutters on the barn and house must have been convenient when closing the house for the winter. This must have been a cool oasis for guests on hot summer days. This was Mr. Dunn’s pride and joy, and he delighted in telling us how it only had a few hundred miles on it, and he only took it out in the summer during good weather for a few short rides. Bull’s-eye panels above, with normal panes that when clean looked out into the front yard.

Another example of unusual architecture, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump emerges out of a hill and soars into the sky. The basements in old houses always seem to be scary. Very old houses tended not to have closets. Houses like this were meant for entertaining large weekend parties, so lots of storage for food was needed, as evidenced in this corridor lined with iceboxes. Countries like United Kingdom, Lithuania, United States, Germany, France and Malaysia has popularized the trend of garden buildings like garden office, wood cabins and wooden gazebos. In this article I’ll show you photographs of places which are well-known tourist attractions, and also some buildings you may not have heard of, with a little about their relevant history. One of the Murrays must have been a plant collector, as some of the trees were not native to Ohio. This may have been the oldest ginkgo tree in Ohio. For example, manufacturers will eventually have the ability to create precise designs that introduce new levels of fuel efficiency as well as new lightweight materials that have incredible strength. Plan your house well so that it gives a glimpse of your personality.

A large hole in the porch ceiling, with a glimpse into that enchanting yard. Also, all the churches had a small narrow entrance porch and a square court or atrium in the front. This part of the enclosed front porch is something of a shambles. The original Greek Revival front door, with added wrought iron gas lantern. A second-floor fireplace in the added cobblestone chimney, fitted between the dormers. The fireplace featured an odd slate roof, with cabinets underneath. I am not sure if this represents the junction of the old and new areas of the house, or if the smaller door was for the use of servants. The intersection of old and new parts of the house, also showing damage and neglect. That small window can be seen in the above photo showing the back of the house. The simple but evocative lighting pieces can change the look of a home or a business into a pleasant space to be in. This post was generated with the help of GSA Content Generator Demoversion.