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And it was so bright, it was quite hard to take good photos! I didn’t take many photos of Savannah architecture, but it has a totally different look and feel than Charleston. I didn’t take many photos as we arrived late morning and the day was blazing hot with not a cloud in the sky. Towards the end of our trip, David and I took a day trip to Savannah and I regret that we didn’t spend longer there. I am still kicking myself for not buying a John Robshaw duvet cover I saw on sale there. Like a stealthy hunter, I saw my prey at once: I bought a small starburst mirror from the wall but should have come home with a whole lot more. Fiberglass windows are also very expensive and may cost more than aluminum or even wooden windows. However, the creative spirit prevails and all world renowned structures are one of a kind. This article has been written by GSA Content Generator Demoversion!

It is very leafy with its lovely shaded squares, so there’s a relaxed feeling created by having a place to sit and watch the world go by. It has many charming shops, lovely art galleries and restaurants and seems to be a going concern. We also really enjoyed the Beaufort art galleries. The Department of the History of Art and Architecture is committed to the ongoing study of art, architecture, and material culture. The innovation of the arch: Those who study new ideas call the use of new ideas “diffiusion of innovation”. The definition of beliefs in sociology is the sharing of knowledge ,ideas and common ideas in a group of people. Beaufort (pronounced Beu-fert, i.e. not the French way) is a charming, old town of 12,000 people. Every second day we left Fripp and went to Beaufort for some civilization (i.e. a proper latte), shopping and some groceries. From left to right: a piece of tile, a plug of lead for making bullets, part of the reed from a harmonica, a bullet casing, and a bullet.

From left to right: a small button, a shoe buckle, an old Colonial coin, the top from a gunpowder horn, and a beautiful sterling silver belt buckle(!!!) that I really want to clean up. There is a small school, opened in a single room having nearly twenty students. Above one sees through the gallery from the drawing room into the dining room beyond. Also, the many gourmet fine dining restaurants available makes it unavoidable. Before heading to the dining room we’ll make a stop in the Loggia or conservatory. The Drawing room opens directly from the library. I greatly appreciate being able to take an extra class a semester like at the semester system college. Sleep late, walk on the beach, make lunch, have a nap, take the golf cart to get ice cream, walk again, read your novel, make supper, drink wine, sit and talk, take an evening swim, sleep. Each day we went for a long walk on the beach at low tide.

We walked and walked every day. It was a hot and laborious day of metal detecting and digging but he found some very interesting old things which I would like to frame and display. We were told that the terrazzo floors were designed with those cracks in them, to appear older than they were in 1920. I’m not sure I buy that but I like the story! Floors are “heart pine” (also called heart of pine) and are original. The houses are stunning. Currently most of these spaces are unfurnished as they are used for all kinds of events. For those who are interested in artistry one can try out animation who can work on computer programs and movie productions. Art Deco began to fall out of favour when it became ubiquitous and was derided as gaudy and presenting a lame image of luxury. We had a blast just hanging out and got up to lots of fun.