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He kept his eyes locked on hers as his heart threatened to gallop out of his chest. Pressing his fingers inside the folds of skin, he massaged her clitoris. In places I used one rock, other places two, and sometimes I used just my hands. I sat down beside her and slipped my fingers into the top of one of her stockings, at the front of her thigh, and released the first clip. Chad snorted and chugged more beer, wetting his parched throat.

Erotic Romance

Forbidden Fantasies Excerpt (Chapter One)

Beyond her stood a tight knot of women, each one eyeing him with greedy assessment. Jess jerked back to the present with a start when she heard the garage door, her pulse pounding as she withdrew her trembling hand from between her thighs. With gentle hands he stripped her, sliding her dress over her head, unclasping her bra and releasing her breasts, skimming her moist panties down her legs. No moment in her life had prepared her for this utter sense of completion. Her back hit the floor as pleasure ebbed, and Dallas loomed over her. She reached for his zipper with a trembling hand.

Beyond Control: Excerpt — Kit Rocha

She freed his cock, gently, reverently, mesmerized by the column of flesh that rose from a tangle of blond hair at his groin. Excitement darkened her eyes. This is a nice surprise. Dallas would lose his shit, of course—good or bad, that much was a certainty, not a possibility. The two of them together burned so hot, and it would be easy to fall into them, to borrow a little of that fire for a while. I could see this much:
She closed her eyes and felt the gentle swell of his chest beneath her head keeping time with the waves. Tentative at first, but gradually turning bolder, learning every inch of her mouth in slow, deep kisses. She shredded his restraint, and he followed her almost immediately, holding her close as wave after wave of pleasure overtook him. But this was Jake, his best friend of twenty years. She could feel the need building in him as if she were the one being pleasured. I am here today to have the pleasure of your company once again.
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