Architect Design: 8/31/14

This past weekend, I attended a wedding at the Woodlawn Plantation. The 126 acres that currently make up Woodlawn were originally part of George Washington’s estate, Mt. Vernon and were deeded in a 2,000 acre parcel to his nephew, Major Lawrence Lewis. Lewis had Dr. William Thornton, the architect of the U.S. Part of the problem was that an architect seemed to be expected to have no other life outside of his (or her) interest in architecture. But I’m not here to talk about his life ( you can read about it on wikipedia HERE if you’re interested). The loggia, off the dining room is similar in form, but the floor pattern from the dining room is echoed on the ceiling out here in a classical motif. I could spend all day in this room! MAKE DINNER – cooking at the end of the day while watching Martha on tivo helps me relax! Post was generated with the help of GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

Each engineer has their own value structure and you will need to make certain that it addresses your issues. Such massive amount of care was granted to the preparation of the afterlife not because of a morbid obsession, but because of the insistent will to continue living, even after the unavoidable finality that death presents. I love the amount of balconies! The kitchen is a little too ‘trendy’ for me but a great layout – love the white terrazzo countertops! While he eschewed traditional ornament, he used beautiful materials on the interior of the house to great effect: nothing boring here. The house is a positive mausoleum of beautiful marbles. They create geometric proportion and add functionality to a yard, and they help unite organic settings with characteristic features of the house proper. Be sure to add Playtime to your netflix queue, you won’t regret it. Rather, how fabulous is this trash can in the “Greek style” from the 1967 movie Playtime.

The movie is notable for its intricate and daring sets which are a riff on modern architecture and urban planning -they make this funny movie all the better (thro.out greek style)! I don’t know how I survived the 93 degree heat and high humidity let alone past residents in their heavy clothing and without our modern convienences. A project like the High Line not only includes landscape architects, but architects, engineers, and multiple contractors as well. You will find that some furniture may overpower smaller rooms, but in older larger buildings the bigger room sizes and high ceilings can actually cause some pieces of furniture to become lost. You have bought a spacious home but have lost the space to bulky home furniture and other necessary fittings and furnishings. There is not much space to accommodate independent homes. The long open living space with an enfilade of rooms is truly my favorite type of house. This was created with the help of GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

If Federal style architecture isn’t your thing, the Pope-Leighey house by Frank Lloyd Wright is also on the grounds. His contemporary, Frank Lloyd Wright was a walk in the park comparitively! The bronze doors are studded and I wouldn’t want to walk into them in the middle of the night! The sink is between the 2 doors seen below: this room is enormous – a veritable temple to cleanliness! Is that a powder room in the middle of hte photo through glass doors off the dining room? This corner of the library shows another modern take on ‘tradition’ – a stained glass window. Recently while doing some research for a project at work for modern glass canopy’s I ran across this BLOG. Thank you for draperies in a modern house! The last private owner, Senator Underwood of Alabama, sold the house in 1952 to become part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

My favorite part of the house is the bell mounted to the side of one chimney; To call everyone in for meal times perhaps? It is one of the most important parts of Edinburghs improvement, history is a big part of the citys evolution and they are proud about it being a significant part of its future in tourism as well. While I have an affinity towards a more classical approach to architecture (even stuff as modern as this, symmetry and balance are king) this house really struck me and not just for the beautiful photography! Another good outdoor advertising strategy is to buy an inexpensive set of vehicle magnetic signs to advertise your house sale. Designed by Shubin & Donaldson in Santa Barbara, the house showcases the views and sunlight the clients were seeking. Removing human involvement has its side, but eliminating human emotional judgment means that its human clients are not fully understood.