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Foscarini: Design Integrity

It was blown up on 24th July 2014. Another mosque – the Imam Aoun Bin al-Hassan Mosque – was destroyed on the same day. That week in July also saw several other casualties in Mosul. And it’s not just mosques and churches which have suffered in Mosul. This includes not only Christian or Jewish sites and sites which predate the rise of these two religions, but also Muslim mosques which reflect a different form of Islam such as Shi’ism or Sufism. Throughout all the history of human ‘civilisation’ and ever since two tribes first went to war against each other, people have been destroying the great works created by their predecessors, or by contemporary rivals. The sudden take over by ISIL of a large part of these two countries in 2014 shocked the world. The spread of Christianity and then Islam had further drastic effects on the cultures they subjugated over the next millenium throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

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A Christian community has long resided in Mosul, and many churches and monasteries were built here, some dating to before the emergence of Islam in the region. And since then, the emergence of new colonialist empires such as Spain, France and Britain, has led to further devastation of indigenous societies. One can scarcely do justice to the scale of devastation in Iraq and Syria. And one which already has been, was the incredibly well-preserved city of Hatra – Iraq’s only World Heritage Site. The Islamic architecture is the heritage for the Ummah of Muslims and these architectures are valuable for the entire world. However, on occasion entire cities established long ago, continued to be lost. In this section, just a few of the many sites so far targeted by ISIL are briefly described as an illustration of what has already been lost to the world through the actions of this group. Energy saving fixtures and appliances – We are in the age of technology and find we have more fixtures and appliances than we did in the past. Thus, ancient images of polytheistic gods, depictions of human beings or animals, and even the graves of Islamic prophets and revered historical figures, have fallen foul of ISIL. Article has been created by GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

Any images or structures perceived as being idolatorous have also been attacked. Their art is different in the way that is extremly accessible, being a street friendly form, that anyone can see and appreciate, not to mention it is practical and not a high-art concern. Terrorism in all its forms – even those groups which seek to legitimise themselves through statehood – can only work through publicity, and these atrocities clearly raise the profile of ISIL as a powerful organisation which can act with impunity. When ISIL turned their attention to Syria, similar sites were targeted, as well as more recent, yet still poignantly symbolic buildings. Your bedrooms deserves the best wall decor so you could relax as well as live in the most special place on earth with a touch of elegance and style that is unique and related very well with you. Craftsman style architecture is being revived thanks to maintenance free materials being introduced on the market. Much of this phenomenal legacy is free to explore and a big attraction for a weekend in Spain. I would also very much like to hear what can be improved.

And whole cities like Troy and Carthage would be razed to the ground to ensure a defeated rival could never rise again. What’s more, modern day cultural vandals like ISIL are a kindred spirit to the Christians of the 4th and 5th century, who closed down and destroyed the temples and shrines to the former Roman Gods to replace them with churches. In ancient times it was common for the monuments of old rulers to be broken up by new emperors and kings who regarded the memory of their predecessors as a threat to their own power. 162 million (the previous iteration was in Chinatown) and opening Sunday May 12, will hopefully begin a transformation of this area, its power as a crowd draw working to bridge disconnected parts of the city. Even small archaeological relics have monetary values which may run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. These conditions only favor construction of small domes. All that has been mentioned here is but a very small selection of the total number of buildings to have been destroyed.

I am Architect. I have experience to design, rendered and animated many buildings and landscapes(2D and 3D) using Autocad, 3ds max, sketchup, revit and lumion. Why have they decided to attack buildings? At the LPC hearing, Chair Meenakshi Srinivasan said, “This is the most important case in my time as a commissioner.” Why do you think that’s so? Spacious kitchens are becoming the central hub of your homes where families sit around and spend some quality time. Because it is a hilly neighborhood, many homes in the area have spectacular views. Even more ancient sites have been damaged, including Tell Brak in Syria, the site of a long established city which was once known as Nagar. All were of cultural or architectural importance, and some were truly ancient treasures. The region lies near the birth centre of three of the world’s most significant religions and was home in ancient history to such landmark cities as Babylon (Iraq), Hattusa (Turkey), and Jerusalem (Israel and Palestine), Persepolis (Iran) and Petra (Jordan). And the consequence has been the loss of unique architecture from every period of human history. The inner thinking of human being is brought out by step by step learning through Graphic design school.